particular craft

Handmade, wearable art, including 1 inch diameter pin back buttons, made with love from recycled, reclaimed, and scrap fabric.

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Tiny stories to wear

I started making 1″ fabric pin-back buttons out of memories from my daughter’s childhood (in the form of the scrap/reclaimed fabrics she used to play with) and an enjoyment of color, pattern, and handmade objects. At first each button traveled solo. Then, for a while, I put them together in threes, each set telling a very tiny, abstract story.

People wear them individually or together — they work equally well on suit lapels, bags, sweaters, blouses, or securing scarves and other accessories. Fabrics come from many sources, including scraps discarded by clothing designers, reclaimed and recycled pieces from no-longer-wanted clothing, remnants, odds and ends, and other leftover pieces from makers and sellers. Some fabrics are vintage, others more modern, and consist of all sorts of fibers. On rare occasions, I have purchased a newly cut piece of fabric, but only if I really couldn’t resist.

Lately, I’ve put selling on hold in favor of making, or not, depending on my mood. These days, I’m more interested in craftivism than decoration. Stay tuned for where this new direction might lead.

The name “particular craft” is inspired by a verse in a poem*:

more each particular person is(my love)
alive than every world can understand

I’m glad our particular lives have connected!


* “now all the fingers of this tree(darling)have” by E. E. Cummings

** The Etsy shop is on hold for now.