Get to know your muse

What inspires you? Is it color, shape, form, or light? Novelty or consistency? Or are words your gig?

In conversation with a delightful new neighbor (thanks, Diane!), I realized that as a maker, I gravitate toward color and abstract forms. But I can play with other colors of inspiration, too. The potential of language had me digging through my fabric scraps to see what I could create, and here are some results.

I’m glad to have a new muse! What are words, after all, but shapes and forms whose meaning we’ve (mostly) agreed on. Enjoy!

– Cassandra

Themed or Curated: What’s Your Favorite Kind of Button Story?

Themed set of 1 inch pinback buttons: light blue and green intricate fabric
Themed set of 1 inch pinback buttons: light blue and green intricate fabric
Curated set of handmade 1 inch pinback buttons: variety of abstract fabric prints in warm colors

One of the elements I most enjoy about making particular craft 1 inch pinback buttons is assembling them into sets of three. Lately I’ve been thinking of them in two big categories: themed and curated.

Both approaches involve the fun of creatively combining motifs and patterns into a (hopefully) interesting visual short story. For curated sets, the sky is the limit, and sometimes the most unexpected combinations resonate to convey a mood, attitude, or aesthetic. Themed sets give me an extra constraint, keeping the fabric the same or closely related, making the creative choices about color, content, pattern shown in those three little 1 inch windows.

Here are two contrasting examples and there are more to explore on at particular craft on Etsy!

Liberty of London Fabric Pinback Buttons

I was in my first year of college in the early 1990s when I took my first trip to Europe during winter break. My souvenirs from the trip included three small pieces of fabric from Liberty of London. I just found them while cleaning out a closet last weekend! In the spirit of reclaiming, repurposing, and reusing (especially since they languished in a box for the past 26 years), here are those fabrics! You can find them on Etsy and order a set to enjoy or gift–choose from a mix of colors or all from the same fabric. 

I hope you enjoy the magnifying glass-like view that each 1″ circle reveals of Liberty of London’s dreamy botanical universe! These look incredible on lapels, summer hats, and bags or backpacks.